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I am a computer engineer working on my second career.
I started my career in the Electronics industry with
communications equipment in 1977.
I went back to college after my enlistment in the US Air Force
and followed the Electronic Engineering discipline.
First in NJ then transferring to Devry, Georgia.
In Georgia I worked alternately as a computer tech,
engineer and communication tech.
Here's my Resume since college.... My Resume

In 1987 I left the communication field behind.
The Computer industry "has been Berry Berry good to me". It has allowed me to build
an American dream life.; two car garage, time to live, and a life worth living.

My interests are:

– Riding motorcycles, I’ve owned a Honda 500cc , Yamaha 750, Suzuki 1000GSE,
– Playing pickup basketball in long the Georgia summer
– Driving my vintage Mercedes
My Album cover - Dueling Flutes, Father Forgive Me, Trek,  Go No Money, First love, and a song named: 3 mins 9sec– Playing piano and14 Karat Soul - I was an original member - replaced by Reginal Brisbon. If any current friends of Glen's find this page please say hello and tell him I couldn't here his sound because the one in my head was too loud. Flute, I enjoy singing / writing love songs and Jazz
– Digital Photography
– I program in C, Pascal, Korne shell Dbase, and HTML for fun.
– I have a fascination with American commercial art
– I enjoy conversing about Religion, Politics, SEX, and Race far more than what would be considered smart.

– I also write about my perceptions of events in my life.

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Today my main interest is raising my daughter,My daughter the day after she was born born June 1992, and when not seeing to her needs
and desires,
I can be found in front of the my computer at home when not at Hewlett Packard Corporation where I am a supporting TRU64 UNIX operating system.
I also find time to discuss computer and network technology
"It's A Wonderful Life"

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