Mount Olive Baptist Church

P.O. Box 205 East Orange, New Jersey 07019 (973) 673-6464

The Reverend Russell Fox, Sr., Pastor



It has been commented that my website has no mention of the hand of GOD in my life's successes. This page addresses that concern.


I am what might be called a a man of GOD. The influences on my beliefs are from all of the above [ Judeo - Christian as practiced by Baptists , The Holy Koran and NOI, Hindi and  Buddhism and more] . A person might think that it that there is some confusion in my life about the place of GOD in it, "That I am all over the place", searching for something to believe in. So not true. Having studied the above all my reading life, I have come to believe in religious tolerance. That all the above were inspired by God's hand. The truth is out there and we have the capacity to recognize it.


I believe that a living GOD is in everything. He is the air that I breath, The grass under my feet that feeds and supports me, The sun that gives our small planet life and in all of the firmament of the universe. GOD is Love. GOD is merciful.


I believe that GOD gave man free will and cognizance to recognize the potential for god in us. He does not need my money or my presence in a building. Organize religious interpretation is for people who either cannot understand his words or require guidance to find his path. I am not a missionary that is some one else's calling. I therefore do not preach, teach in words the path I am on. I practice Tolerance, Love and Patience. I believe that the rewards of GOD are in the here and now and in the here after. I believe in being born again and power of prayers. I believe that the pain in the world that we cause each other is the result of  our separation from God's path for us.


I believe because the true name of GOD is unknown to us. What does it matter what we call him. It is only important that we hold his spirit in our hearts as we interact with each other.