DelGracia Robinson - Teacher
Marvin Posey Jr. - Artist
Patricia Diane Grandy - Aunt
Byron Delonte Grandy - Cousin


DelGracia ( Del ) Robinson - Artists, Childhood friend /Sister, Teacher


Marvin ( Chico ) Posey, Jr. - Cousin, Performance Artist, Artist


Patricia ( Dottie ) Grandy - Aunt, Banker


Byron Grandy-Richardson - Cousin, Air force Airman, student of the gospels.



Mathematician, logician and philosopher :Alfred North Whitehead once wrote: “traditional is the dead ideas of the living; tradition is the living ideas of the dead.”

 It is my goal here to continue the living tradition of remembrance and thereby keep alive the Idea and Sprit of those of my family that have passed thru the thin veil of life into eternity before me.  To carry the ideals that their lives have given to mine until it is my turn to soar with eagles. Additionally it is an acknowledgment of the contribution their existence has made to humanity at large.

 “We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly”. -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

 My soul soars free, as far as the Red Tailed Hawk can see. My body lies dead beneath me and I am up caught in the winds of gods enduring love. Do not cry for me, my life was about living. Do not lament my lost love,  I gave all of my love all of my life. To live life in full and have few regrets, is to live a life worth living. Do not fear death, instead embrace your life.   

 “Though lovers be lost, love is not, and death hath no dominion”. --William Shakespeare

 I am released to the winds of time. I am renewed again and again by your acts of love. I am at peace with eternity.  - 11/2006

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